About SLF

A general description of SLF/how/why we were formed - with regards to the mission and vision of the Jathebandie. 

Sikh Liberation Front (SLF) began as a vision to unite Khalistani youth groups throughout the Sikh diaspora so that together we could build upon the foundations laid by our Quami Shaheeds. In February 2017 individuals and founding members of Azaadi (Canada), Khalistan Activist Federation (California) and the National Sikh Youth Federation (UK) united under the banner of SLF.


SLF and our fellow Sikhs


Our Team

SLF consists of a core group of members(?) from which the 'Punj' are selected to act as catalysts to drive the Jathebandie forward. Learn more about the Punj and our core team.


Get Involved

SLF is dedicated to working within the Sikh community for the benefit of the panth, its where we operate and where we draw our people from. Find out more about getting involved.